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iX ERP smarter budgeting

    Say hello to the new time-saving feature, iX ERP smarter budgeting!

    Tired of manual budget calculations? Wish you could automate the process? Introducing the feature that does it all for you!

    Here’s how it works:

    • Past Year Data Powers Your Budget: iX ERP effortlessly takes your past year’s financial data and uses it as a foundation for your new budget.
    • Set Your Growth Goals: Simply enter the percentage of increase or decrease (with negative sign) you anticipate for each budget item.
    • Click and Fill: Press the “Get” button, and iX ERP will automatically fill in your budget entries based on your chosen percentages based on last year values
    • Want to stick to budget manual entries? No problem! Just leave the percentage field empty or enter 0.

    Benefits you’ll love:

    • Save time and effort: No more tedious manual calculations or data entry.
    • Increase accuracy: Reduce errors and ensure your budget is based on reliable data.
    • Enhance efficiency: Streamline your budgeting process and focus on strategic planning.
    • Stay flexible: Easily adjust budget amounts as needed throughout the year. ️

    Ready to streamline your budgeting and focus on what matters most? Experience the power of iX ERP’s new budget feature today!

    Check iX ERP smarter budgeting wiki for to use this feature