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iX ERP named a leader by SoftwareSuggest

    iX ERP named a leader by SoftwareSuggest in the category of ERP for SMEs 2022.

    SoftwareSuggest has several awards for software in various categories, they nominate the best software in the categories for their awards.

    What is SoftwareSuggest?

    SoftwareSuggest helps businesses discover top business software and service partners. SoftwareSuggest list, review, compare & offer free consultation on business software and service solutions so that you’re guaranteed to find the best match for your business.

    In its ERP Software segment, SoftwareSuggest provides a comprehensive list of options for various business functions, starting from Accounting to Manufacturing, and for various industries starting from retailers to manufacturers, hence business owners can select the best available option.

    For more information about SoftwareSuggest, Please visit their website

    iX ERP Leader Award

    A SoftwareSuggest Award is, in essence, a stamp of approval awarded to the qualified software offering by SoftwareSuggest. SoftwareSuggest award it to the software that they believe is exceptional in what they offer.

    The software can get SoftwareSuggest award(s) by nominating them for one or more categories by filling up the required form, SoftwareSuggest will consider and evaluate your software for the award(s). Once you are declared the winner, then you can showcase your software’s achievement wherever you want.

    SoftwareSuggest had awarded iX ERP the Best Value Award and Most Affordable Award in the fall of 2020, Then in the winter of 2022 SoftwareSuggest named iX ERP a leader in the ERP Software category.

    iXDev has been serving the global market with its flagship product iX ERP (Cloud ERP Solution for SMEs) which has many innovative ideas and features with pricing plans that can suit small and medium businesses. During the past period, iX ERP had experienced significant growth and demand from the customers to help employees to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, we enabled thousands of employees and business owners to keep up with their work while they work remotely.