iXERP business data analysis and reports is a complete set of standard out of the box reports that analyse your business data and give you a complete insight of your business progress growth and performance.

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iXERP includes a comprehensive and rich dashboard that gives CEOs, Directors and managers rich insights from transaction data recorded in iXERP system across all departments and modules, this dashboard helps business executives to be on top of the business progress and performance. iXERP Dashboard is a key success factor of any organisation’s management and enhancing its performance.

iXERP Dashboard
iXERP Data Analysis and Reports


iXERP Reports module includes all the reports and data analysis any organisation needs to run the business, enhance its performance and make a critical decision. iXERP reports comply with all companies management standards and governments standards in 26 countries. iXERP Reports can be displayed on the screen, printed or extracted using PDF or Excel formats. iXERP Reports has several filters for every report, which makes the report as multi-use with different data sts and formats. As iXERP Reports can be extracted in an easy and simple way using Excel, any organisation can extend the reporting requirement and data analysis by using Excel equation and charts.

Financial Ratios

iXERP Dashboard comes with automatically calculated global standard financial ratios from recorded transaction data in iXERP. Financial Ratios include “Liquidity Ratios”, “Profitability Ratios”, “Efficiency Ratios” and “Leverage Ratios” and our team frequently add more standards ratios. These financial ratios help businesses executives to track business performance, business valuation and business performance status, and support decision making inside any organisation. We linked iXERP Financial Ratios with Investopedia for more detailed information about every ratio and its indicators and how you can use it.

iXERP Financial Ratios
iXERP Data Analysis

Modules Data Analysis

iXERP Data Analysis is a strong part of data insights and charts that indicates the department’s health through its transactions recorded in iXERP, these insights are drill-down of data to the second level to show other success factors and KPIs related to iXERP Modules like customer and suppliers or even inventory. This analytics and insights help departments managers to enhance their department’s performance by empowering them to make decisions based on real accurate data. By using iXERP analytics business executives will get business performance information immediately without asking for it and wait for days.

Business Performance Indicators KPIs

iXERP includes many business performance measurement tools and business key performance indicators to help business directors, financial directors and CEOs to be on top of their business performance and support their decision making using real and accurate data. The Key performance indicators are a worldwide business-standard and included in iXERP as a built-in feature, you don’t need to build your own indicators or think how it is built, or designed, you need to use it to measure the success of your business.