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iXERP CRM Projects

    iXERP CRM provides an effective way to manage projects and their tasks and milestones, with integration with the organisation calendar and workflow system, organisations can manage their projects more effectively and accurately.

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    All your projects in one place whether it is an internal project or related to a customer.

    iXERP CRM provide a comprehensive project management tool to manage projects from start to end with integration with other iXERP CRM modules like Workflow, Documents, Tickets and many other features that can suite several scenarios.

    Projects Tasks and Milestone

    iXERP CRM Projects Management module is the central location for your projects tasks and milestones, you can assign every task to a team member and track its progress based on the person input that reflect the actual completion of the task.

    iXERP CRM Project module can develop a Gantt chart based on the task listed under every project with visual indicator of the task progress.

    With calendar integration the tasks will be presented on the person calendar and shared organisation calendar based on the permission and configuration.

    Calendar Integration

    iXERP CRM provide a central calendar that can be integrated with all modules to show all company activities whether it is a project task or service contract.

    With integration with Project Management module, project tasks and milestones will show on the calendar with different colours based on your settings.

    Projects Tasks Tracking

    You can track all projects tasks based on its real status and as it is reported by the assigned person.

    Tasks can be tracked by many ways on Gantt chart or Calendar view, also you can track tasks based on a scheduled report or a workflow to report over due tasks.


    Projects Dashboard and Reports

    iXERP CRM Projects is integrated with the reports generator to be able to develop any custom reports required by the business.

    Reports can be created on several levels like project level, task level or milestone level and also the person level.