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Why companies should use ERP Systems

    Why ERP? Why companies should use ERP Systems? Every company has its own process and business know how, which achieve its objectives. Moreover, today’s businesses in a very competitive market, need to enhance its processes to reach more customers and achieve more profit. Technologies are the key factor to close the gap between business processes and people and reach operation excellence. Running a large organisation with multiple departments and teams successfully may be hard without technology, iX ERP (Cloud ERP system) gives a helping hand by synchronizing all information and ease communication within the organisation. iX ERP is a combination of software modules that covers all company’s activities performed to manage operations. With iX ERP software solution, the entire company value chain is aligned, and critical processes are streamlined effectively.

    When Do You Need An ERP?

    Why and when do you need an ERP system? When your business starts progressing, and you feel lacking of proper communication between departments which affect your clients and business, or you observe you are giving more time in paperwork and personally spend time helping to close the gap between departments processes than actually running the business, you need to have an ERP system to set up various workflows and automated rules which guide entire organisation towards your business target.

    Implementing a traditional ERP system requires a significant investment of time and money, although it is no longer the case with Cloud iX ERP Applications, with paying for what you need or Pay_as_You_Go per month with no servers or infrastructure cost required.

    Why companies should use ERP Systems?

    Implementing an ERP system within an organisation positively changes its processes performance and how people achieve their work. Top management must explain the reasons for implementation and how the entire business will benefit from it. The following points may be good reasons for any organisation to implement an ERP system.

    ERP Helps Process Automation

    iX ERP (Cloud ERP system) allow companies to have actual business process automated, to manage important tasks on daily basis across an organisation and freeing up staff to focus their efforts on more critical initiatives which require personal attention. This, not only boosts the productivity, but also dramatically reduces operating and overhead costs. Without ERP system, you can’t have sustainable cross departmental collaboration and consistent workflow execution.

    Fewer Errors, More Efficiency

    Another reason to deploy an ERP system is to achieve operational efficiency. Errors, stubborn, manual processes, etc. can drain a company’s money and time. And therefore, companies must automate critical tasks and enhance the business process efficiency. No matter how big or small your business is, or what type of business it is; it is very challenging to push different teams and departments to operate as a one-unit.

    Better Communication, Higher Productivity

    iX ERP (Cloud ERP solution) can help strengthen the internal interaction between departments; the solutions also improve company interaction between customers and suppliers. For example, if customers and suppliers can coordinate easily with purchase and sales departments, finance, or even you can integrate them to your ERP system, then productivity is sure to increase. Thus, the availability of real-time communication between different departments within an organisation allows rapid responses and better process management.

    Information Management

    Many companies still have inconsistent information across the business because they use different applications for every department. For example, if the accounts department and call centre use two different databases or applications that are not integrated, customers with a billing question are not likely to get a satisfactory answer if they approach the call centre for help. Such problems may look small on the surface but can add up over time, resulting in unsatisfied customer and retention issues which can adversely affect revenues and market share.

    iX ERP (Cloud ERP system) automatically processes transactions and generates audit and financial reports. By implementing iX ERP solution, you can make accounting process more accurate, faster and smoother than before with accurate information across all departments.

    Better Performance Measurement

    Above all, iX ERP (Cloud ERP system) makes it easier for company staff at all levels, from front end employees and team supervisors to senior executives and managers – to see the same view from different perspectives and measure company’s performance related to their department and understand the impacts within the company. The Enterprise Resource Planning system also empowers organisations to be more receptive to shifts, rapidly changing tactics to address new customer requirements as they emerge.


    In a nutshell, Why companies should use ERP Systems? businesses prefer to implement IX ERP (Cloud ERP system) because they need improvement in their internal business processes and overall business performance, also to take the right decisions in the right time. They also want to reduce labour costs, IT expenses and improve interactions between staff among different departments.

    For more information about iX ERP (Cloud ERP System), please visit iX ERP Products page.