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Why businesses should use ERP?

    If you are a business owner or business decision maker and wonder why businesses should use ERP solutions, we will try to answer your question in the following article.
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps SMEs and large enterprises to manage daily business operations, by making them more manageable, assists in businesses planning and managing operations accurately, this allows companies to monitor enterprise’s performance and implement a financial planning system.

    In modern business management, and for businesses to survive within the current dynamic economy, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has proved to be a vital part of any business.

    Manual Reports

    In current dynamic markets, business owners and business decision makers should have business information available anytime and fast to be able to make fast, accurate and effective decisions.
    Manual reports are a slow method to provide business decision makers with information, because it takes too much time to be prepared, and lack of accuracy as it based on business information at the time of preparation.

    With the help of an ERP system, management team can generate any kind of the accurate and up-to-date reports cross all the enterprise departments anytime in a very easy way.

    Additionally, the ERP software can provide deep information analyse, to give several useful insights to business management to make decision process easier and more effective.

    Reducing Costs

    The ERP System is your guide when it comes to enterprise performance, it can turn your focus to business areas of potential cost saving, increase performance and increase profitability.

    As ERP automates most of the business processes, business owners can look at reducing cost, by reducing processes time, process reengineering, so they can free up staff time from repeated tasks and direct them to other value-adding jobs without impacting the services level and products quality.

    Improved Cross Organisation Communication

    ERP enhance organisation internal collaboration and improve cross department communication, as ERP makes the needed information available for the authorised employees, as a result, ERP eliminate long waiting time for getting information, and save employees wasted time in writing and sending several emails asking for information from responsible department.

    Staff can make decisions easily, and plan their daily activities efficiently because they have the information they need, by easy and secure access to data available inside the ERP System.

    Availability of relevant business information to employees inside the organisations help eliminate processes delay, so ERP System helps employees to stay updated with other related business activities to their role in the organisation and this close the communication gap between departments for positive impact on business processes, cost and profitability.

    Financial Planning

    ERP System collects all critical financial data in one place to allows businesses to review financial statements and compare it against budget, cash flow, analyse accounts, and make changes when applicable to reduce cost, increase profitability and enhance organisation financial health.

    Data Security

    ERP Systems are equipped with several users roles security levels to give permissions to information that is relevant for every business user, thus, all information is protected, although this data is accessible to specific users, and based on the organisation internal security policy.

    Enhanced Customer Experience

    ERP Systems provide several analytical data about customers’ requirements which including sales and accounting information that make it easier for employees to be aware of customers’ requirements and attend to their needs, which makes customers happy and create a loyalty for the organisation product or service.


    Summering up on Why businesses should use ERP, ERP software streamline business processes and makes them more manageable, enhance communication between departments, reduce costs and saving employees time, therefore will increase profit, allows secure access to all business information, enhance financial planning and business KPIs, last but not least enhance decision-making.

    Business owners who would like to gain all these benefits should enforce and implement iX ERP that has all required business module to achieve all mentioned features.