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ERP for Poultry Traceability

    To monitor chicks, hens, feedings, raw materials, production processes, and final distribution, many producers apply current farm traceability methods. The next level of control and feeds traceability involves automating data and digitally transforming the existing production and supply chain processes with iX ERP for Poultry Traceability System.

    What is Traceability on poultry farm?

    Farm traceability is a process that tracks all the activities, layers, from feedings and other materials to the final product. iX ERP for Poultry Traceability is a good example of traceability automation system. It allows the consumers to access the product information, such as batch, transport, weight, layers, and other activities.

    Traceability and control also apply to an industrial slaughter system. It tracks the live animals that arrive at the factory, their weight, initial inspection, purchase order, kill number, and carcass classification. The system collects data to generate visual graphs, reports, and dashboards that show valuable insights into the whole production within the farm.

    The main advantage of feeds traceability is to reduce human error and manual audits. It is because the system collects real-time data throughout the process. It also provides satisfaction to the consumers and improves customer experience as they can trace back the product to its source.

    Another reason for ensuring quality management is to reduce the total number of feed recalls. Traceability plays a big role in feeds safety management, allowing the producers to recall contaminated or defective products.

    In conclusion, traceability ensures transparency between the producers and consumers.

    Data Collection and Automation

    Data is the king in this digital world. The poultry farm uses data systems to get real-time information. The data are then processed and structured to create visual dashboards and other reports that show the performance.

    The management and planning team can use the data to make decisions that improve the quality, efficiency, and traceability of the feeds supply chain.

    Process Control

    The database records every incoming product to ensure traceability with the advanced data system. The labour also uses small machines to feed all the chicks. The online databases store all the information about the feed items in the inventory.

    Performance Evaluation and Management

    The main purpose of collecting and storing the data is to generate reports that show the operational efficiency and quality of the current farm process.

    These valuable and informative reports help different teams across the poultry industry to improve the performance and quality of the process under procurement.

    Traceability allows the teams to keep a close eye on the inventory of the available products. This way, the management can make timely decisions about at the right time.


    Traceability enables data integration from different processes on one platform or performance management portal. Therefore, different teams can work together and share data related to inter-linked processes to improve efficiency. Moreover, the poultry industry can synchronize all the sections, vendors, and iX ERP to get data on shared servers.

    Different producers get real-time data of all activities in the farms to analyse performance management dashboards and get insights from the analysis.

    Digital transformation and optimal planning is the advanced level of quality control to maximize traceability and, of course, yield.