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Why Startups Should implement ERP / How Startups can attract investment

    Startups face several challenges during their journey, these challenges should be addressed in a smart and effective way to give a positive impact on the business and create value.

    First: Startups need investment, so they should show how much they are appealing for investment, and how much they are organized internally, how much they are driven by strong process. Investors and venture capitals like to put their money where they can see and can be monitored clearly and easily.

    Second: Cost is really the most important factor for startups due to limited resources, especially in early phases. Buying all that they need to organize their internal process can be a burden due to the high cost of these systems.

    One of the most effective ways to create value for startups is by investing in IT systems that bring every aspect of your business together under one roof. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications can turn disorganized firms into sustainable, streamlined market leaders – providing value for customers, employees and owners alike. But ERP usually expensive IT application to implement in startup due to software licence cost, prerequisites like costly hardware servers and its high running cost.

    To solve this dilemma between cost and efficiency, startups should consider implementing a Cloud ERP solution like Cloud iX ERP.

    Cloud iX ERP application (Enterprise Resource Planning) as an Online ERP System, covers major business processes of startups and SMB sectors and can be accessed through browsers like any other web applications we are using day today.

    Cloud iX ERP as a cloud-based online application is a cost-effective solution which should be suitable for startups to solve the cost issue with the same efficiency as on-premises ERP, with pay it as a service (SaaS) the ERP application is no longer an asset with a huge investment, it had been converted to a small monthly expense that any startup can afford.

    As iX ERP is on the cloud, you may enjoy organization transparency by giving your investors access to monitor your performance from anywhere. You also may enjoy the flexibility of modern application like working from anywhere any time, communication with your customers and suppliers online, integration with your eCommerce application and many more features.


    Cloud iX ERP as a Cloud ERP / Online ERP Solution can help startups Perform Better and Grow Faster, to be attractive for more investment and achieve their goals.