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Why iX ERP Could Save Businesses from the consequences of COVID-19 crisis

    CEOs should think of how they can save their businesses from the consequences of the crisis. As the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread globally, most of the businesses are suffering from its consequences, it is more important than ever for CEOs and Directors to prepare their business for radical changes in the coming period. Most of the countries are taking tough decisions to prevent the spread of the virus, which has a huge economic impact on the countrywide and on several business sectors.

    Businesses worldwide should change the way they run business operations and depend more on today’s technology, for example, to work remotely not only to keep their workers safe but to ensure that their businesses can remain fully operational amid the economic slowdown.

    In the following points, we will explain how iX ERP could save businesses from the consequences of COVID-19 crisis.

    Adopting iX ERP | Cloud ERP system

    We agree that deciding whether to encourage your team to work from home can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the appropriate systems in place to support their work and to keep everyone connected. iX Dev provides businesses with the best Cloud ERP systems (iX ERP) that will facilitate remote work and ensure that your employees are safe, healthy, and productive amid the current pandemic.

    Adopting iX ERP will allow your company’s process to run in the Cloud and ensure business continuity no matter your location. All you need is Internet access, and you can remotely access your company and make data-driven decisions from anywhere, anytime using any device.

    Benefits of iX ERP | Cloud-based ERP software

    iX ERP as Cloud-based ERP software is also helpful in monitoring your business processes from one integrated system. With iX ERP software, you can achieve more insight and control over your business by tracking business progress directly from within the system. Every employee who has been granted access can also make updates and changes related to their work based on their system permission level. CEOs and Directors can even follow-up with their subordinates on the pending tasks and even can send them reminder email from inside iX ERP for faster and effective communication.

    Another benefit of iX ERP is that it supplies a variety of applications that can serve every business department. Some important modules in iX ERP system are accounting, sales, customer relationship, procurement, inventory, and Manufacturing. Additional modules include supply chain management, asset management, and many more. Thus, iX ERP can give you insights into all aspects of your business while allowing your company to share information across one secure database.

    Our remote support service offer

    iX Dev experts can provide your company with personalized support services to match your business requirements to create a seamless remote work environment. With iX ERP and the help of iX Dev professional team, businesses will be able to protect the health of your employees while optimizing your business processes during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    As a conclusion, if businesses choose to implement iX ERP:
    1 – Businesses will keep their business operation running efficiently as possible.
    2 – Businesses will make use of their employees’ time and efforts while they are safe and work remotely.
    3 – While employees work remotely, businesses can reduce several cost items like facility rent and maintenance.
    4 – CEOs and Directors get deep, instant insights about their business based on real data, which will enhance decision-making.
    5 – Businesses should make use of the current situation and free time as a result of slow business and economy to be prepared for what after the crisis.
    6 – We encourage CEOs and Directors to see the situation as an opportunity to stand and make business change to the better.
    7 – Always remember that competitors are working in silence and will surprise you when this crisis ends.
    8 – Every CEO, Director, Business Owner should understand that the way businesses were managed before Coronavirus and economic crisis will change to a completely different way after the crisis will end, so they have to be prepared with the right tools.

    If you want to know more about how iX Dev professional team can help your business to survive during and beyond the crisis, contact us using the below button.