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SaaS Applications in emerging markets

    In the emerging markets, the cost of implementing software business applications like ERP and CRM is one of the most important factors that SMEs cannot neglect, while they may be in a bad need to implement such application to improve their internal process and grow their business.

    Although the cost is not always a good factor to judge business application’s quality and security, but it will remain very important for SMEs because of their limited budget. We may find several famous and also expensive software business applications in the market, which is good in quality and security, but takes long time to implement and have long list of prerequisites. This requirement can be a showstopper for SMEs to implement such applications.

    The solutions for SMEs in emerging markets is to open the door for SaaS application (Cloud Software as a Service). SaaS includes all required features to automate SMEs business, with high security and good quality, but with affordable price. With a SaaS application concept “pay as you grow”, SMEs can pay only for the applications they need, and pay monthly bill only for the users they require, also SMEs can grow the number of users as they grow with time. SaaS subscription considered monthly expenses and not an asset the company should take care of with depreciation or upgrade.

    In several TCO studies (Total Cost of Ownership), Cloud SaaS applications can save more than 80% of the company business application’s implementation and operation cost over 5 years, and about 100% of the initial hardware cost, licence cost and its implementation fees.

    Remember, SaaS doesn’t require any initial cost like servers and licence, moreover the initial implementation and operation cost are included with the monthly or yearly subscription. And don’t miss the ability of accessing your application from anywhere like (work, home or on the go) using any device, it is similar to accessing Facebook or any other website from your computer or phone.

    Have a look at iXDev ERP and CRM products (iX ERP STD), it is compared with any famous on premises ERP or CRM applications, but with included support and continuous features development, in an affordable price, with no hardware or special setup required.

    The Cloud iX ERP as Cloud ERP System comes with 2 flavours Standard and Enterprise, the application’s design is easy to use and fast, with continues enhancements for new features without any extra cost.

    Enhance your business today with Cloud iX ERP, from iXDev, your Cloud Solutions Partner