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iX ERP empower B2B Fintech

    iX ERP empower B2B fintech (Financial Technology) by including out of the box feature that supports online invoicing and payment processing.

    We are always working to increase iX ERP out of the box features that support the industry and empower companies whether they are startups or small and medium or even enterprises.

    Our role is to encourage companies to use technology to perform better and grow faster. We included several features in iX ERP like sending invoices by email to empower using electronic invoices and even more, you can set the internal workflow by sending the invoice electronically by email to internal staff who should take an action based on their role in the organisation.

    iX ERP is integrated with several payment gateways, so your client’s can use the payment link to pay invoices using a credit card. We are always working to integrate more payment gateways based on our customer requirements and the payment gateway availability in a certain region.

    Recently we had released a payment integration API, for payment technology companies and mobile applications to be able to integrate its payment transaction to iX ERP.

    iX ERP becomes the cornerstone of our customer’s companies, so we are always monitoring the market for new updates and listing to our customer’s feedback and comments, and consult our advisors and partners on how iX ERP empower B2B fintech industry.

    By supporting and empowering the fintech industry, businesses can depend more on technology and allow faster payment and cashflow.

    iX ERP also includes the CFI standard financial ratios to track company performance in several categories, one of these ratios is the number of days sales outstanding which recognises the period taken between sales and payment, which is a very important factor of companies cashflow.

    We are looking forward to empowering B2B fintech industry by adding more features to iX ERP and work on our research and development and the experts in the market to keep our customers up to date with the latest B2B fintech technology.