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iX Cloud ERP Benefits for Small Business

    iX Cloud ERP Benefits for Small Business

    How iX Cloud ERP Benefits Businesses?, ERP is commonly thought to be too expensive for small businesses. But with iX Dev and Cloud iX ERP this simply isn’t the case. Setting up ERP solutions becomes affordable for every business to grow and enhance performance. Businesses can get all the benefits of using a Cloud ERP solution, with limited costs, thanks to iX Dev Cloud Technology.

    Why Should Small Business Use iX ERP?

    iX ERP Cloud ERP for small organizations offers distinctive functional and business process benefits like:

    1. Improved customer satisfaction (happier customers spend more!)
    2. Reduced operational costs (this is good!)
    3. Decreased manufacturing and planning cycle time (faster is good!)
    4. Reduced inventory levels (save cash!)
    5. Fewer errors in ordering and faster delivery processes (this is good!)
    6. Better intel to respond to evolving market conditions (change is scary!)
    7. Better resource utilization and reduced need for manpower (lower costs again!)

    Cloud iX ERP as Cloud ERP System enables small organizations to improve their profitability by automating business processes and making company information available across all functional departments. This in turn helps them to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

    By integrating all the business process of your company into a single system, efficiencies can be identified and improved upon. Cloud iX ERP modules like financial, manufacturing, materials management, logistics, sales , distribution, and human resources into a single system. The combined work-flows help insure that inventory levels are reduced, machine downtime is decreased, products are manufactured only per demand, and delivered to the client in the most efficient way.

    Because iX ERP Cloud ERP software is modular, you can include or remove the modules you need to fit your business and your internal work-flows. For example, most businesses benefit from an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module and Accounting module. But a company that doesn’t do manufacturing might not need a Material Management module. Customization is easy, and part of a starting implementation package offered by iX Dev professional consultants.

    Built-In Best Practices

    Cloud iX ERP for small business offers extended functionality enabling organizations to adopt pre-configured scenarios and templates, based on process best practices and know-how. This translates into rapid and easy implementation with little up-front investment and quicker return on investment. It also potentially helps companies adopt processes that have been time-tested and may be better than their existing work-flows.

    Cloud-Based iX ERP

    These days, most small businesses are opting for a Cloud ERP solution over on-site ERP servers and infrastructure. The main reason is of course budget related. A Cloud ERP system is typically cheaper in terms of upfront costs and by using a monthly subscription, small businesses can spread expenses over time in an affordable manner. Small firms can pay only for the users that actually work with the Cloud ERP system, and they are not required to spent money on IT resources needed to support an on premise and large scale system.

    Quick iX ERP Implementation

    As iX ERP Cloud ERP is fully managed, hosted and supported by iX Dev, there is no need for infrastructure and hardware set up or software installation. iX ERP Cloud ERP implementation process is entirely focused on solution customization and company data import.

    No Need for ERP Architecture

    iX ERP Cloud ERP releases small organizations from the burden of maintaining and managing the applications, infrastructure and hardware associated with any other ERP system. iX Dev provide better and faster troubleshooting and maintenance services as our professionals manage and run the entire environment including software, database, infrastructure and hardware. Instead, small businesses can focus on and devote efforts to their core processes and new market opportunities.

    iX ERP Cloud ERP for Small Business Makes Sense

    Automating business processes across all functional departments is one of the easiest ways to identify and remove inefficiencies in your small business. Fewer inefficiencies mean higher margins and higher profits. iX Dev recognizes the importance of productivity improvements and heavily studied the costs structure of Cloud iX ERP to suite small businesses. It’s worth finding out how much your business could improve by implementing Cloud iX ERP.