Every CEO will ask this question to our team, why every CEO needs to know iXERP? in the following article, you will find the answer.

Growing companies include several complex functions that used to operate independently. Operations, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, finance, and manufacturing departments may act independently in their daily operations but they are dependent in reality.

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For CEOs, data and information are very valuable tools. These business units or departments generate large amounts of data, using independent software platforms and systems, and is disconnected from other departments, like they are living in separated islands.

What if that data were truly integrated, and somehow been related to each other, to providing powerful visuals and analytics to drive decisions? What if those systems were connected, allowing for more integration, efficiency, and collaboration throughout the enterprise?

That’s why every CEO needs to know iXERP, that’s the power that iXERP enterprise resource planning (ERP). iXERP as an enterprise resource management helps create integrated processes that make data available and effective. With iXERP solution, your pain points as a CEO are addressed and eased in real-time, while driving overall functionality, productivity, cost-saving and profitability.

Below is a complete guide that shows why every CEO needs to know iXERP.

iXERP for CEO basics

iXERP as a Cloud ERP systems are business process management software packages that allow organizations to integrate multiple departments workflow. As a result, CEOs and Directors can better manage day-to-day tasks, manage the business efficiently, make strategic decisions, and automate back-office functions.

iXERP explained: Benefits of iXERP

iXERP has significant benefits, advantages that are increased when operations become more complex. By driving several data sets from different departments inputs to a single system and database, it becomes easier to integrate and relate data, trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Here are CEOs key advantages for iXERP:

  • Visibility. With shared access to data across the organization, CEOs and directors/managers can quickly know progress in other areas. Managers have a holistic, big-picture view of the company and its operational areas. This aspect of ERP systems boosts both accountability and transparency.
  • Productivity. With more access to more data more quickly, businesses will be better able to pinpoint weakness, gaps, and problem areas in production and back-office functions. Automated functionality allows for faster turnaround of processes, faster transfer of information, and better immediate handling.
  • Mobility. Today’s global corporations need to have data entered by and accessed by employees all over the world. With iXERP solution, employees can access the system and its data anywhere, at any time, and using any device.
  • Scalability. iXERP system is designed to grow as a company does. Instead of purchasing systems that have too little functionality and does not serve its implementation purpose, or systems that have huge functionality with a very high price, With cloud iXERP solution, companies can grow their iXERP needs as their capabilities, markets, and operations expand.
  • Better Access. With iXERP systems that automatically convert and display inputted data, companies can see what’s happening faster than ever, often in real-time. Data is more usable and does not need to be shared, converted, and tweaked by staffers in order to be usable.
  • Security. iXERP systems come with careful security controls that allow businesses to limit access to the system and data based on documented criteria. This user identification and management techniques ensure that information is accessed by authorized personnel only.
  • Compliance. Many businesses are subject to rules and regulations by federal or state government agencies. With iXERP solution, compliance with mandatory audit, inspection, and reporting requirements is automated and protected.
  • Collaboration. With more and easier access to information, employees in different business units can collaborate more easily and effectively on special projects or regular work.
  • Central Repository. With an iXERP system, directors can have a clear sense at any time about services provided, products, inventory, financials, vendors, retailers, suppliers, and customer orders.
  • Reduced Complexity. Simplified and common rules for access, entry, and retrieval of information reduces complexity and errors for system users. This drives better data quality, better reporting, and reduced data entry, cost and time.

Please refer to iXERP page for more details about iXERP modules and information.

Making the switch to iXERP

For CEOs considering a switch to iXERP solution, here are some points to answer:

  • Is the organization ready for the change?
  • What resources will be needed in terms of budget and personnel to manage the change process?
  • What additional training and support will employees need?
  • Will iXERPs boost performance in weaker areas of the business?
  • How adaptable is the system to anticipated future growth?
  • How long will it take to show a return on investment?
  • What external assistance will I need in selection and implementation?

At iXDev, we help senior leaders to answer such questions and make well-informed decisions. Our global team of consultants work closely with the customer to understand their needs, to be able to tune iXERP configuration to achieve customer’s requirement and help them to grow their operation faster and enhance/increase their business performance. We encourage our customers to check our consulting and project management methodology.