Enhanced iXERP Income and Cost Chart in the front Dashboard to give you the ability to track your income and cost against budget, for more expenses control and sales tracking, plus overall company achievement monitoring.

We always listen to our customer’s suggestions, develop iXERP to meet our customer’s needs and expectations. recently we released an application update to iXERP | Cloud ERP to include several updates from our customer’s suggestions and wish list. for example, we had enhanced several screens and reports, like Profit and Loss Drill Down Screen, by adding the difference column to reduce the external calculation outside the application and give direct judgement on the amount differs from the budget or past year, so you don’t need to calculate the difference externally.

Also, we released the new Income and Cost chart in the front Dashboard to include more insights about the company performance and compare it to the budget entries.

What can the Income and Cost Chart Tell you?

Enhanced iXERP Income and Cost Chart can inform you of the company current fiscal year income and cost, so you can track the current year progress.

For more insights and tracking we added the budget entries to the chart for the same category (Income and Cost), for more performance tracking against budget, are on budget or not.

Tracking the company behaviour against budget is a very good practice to avoid discovering at the end that you had spent more than required or you missed sales target for a month or more.

Monitoring company performance is a key success factor for companies who need to grow and enhance their performance.

If you need more information about the budget and how can companies benefit from using budgets, and understand its terms and tips, please follow the link to Investopedia budget page.