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ERP Consulting

    iXDev ERP Consulting and Projects Management team help customers to achieve their digital transformation goals by using Information Technology, we work closely with customers as their consultant to integrate the different parts of the project.

    Our consultants are experienced professionals, who understand the customer’s requirements and the best practice standards. We work closely with our customers to close the gap between the best practices and customers’ needs. 

    ERP Consulting and Projects Management Methodology and Phases:


    We use different ERP consulting and Projects Management strategies and methods based on the nature of the project and the customer’s requirement. Our main method for software development projects is Agile a worldwide standard for software development projects. Also, we use PRINCE2 as a general and system deployment project management method as it proves to be the best method in a dynamic environment.

    We always build a partnership with our customers during their digital transformation journey. We bring the best of cloud technology that better serves customers’ environment to achieve their project success.


    iXDev consultants are engaged from the beginning of the project to gather and analyse customer data and information, current process and what customers would like to achieve, then e develop a GAP analysis document.

    Based on the GAP analysis document iXDev constants build a time plan, and risk analysis and require resources plus a budget for customer approval.

    iXDev Consultants involve several resources to achieve greed goals with the customer.

    iXDev Consultants works on project documentation and reporting to the customer.

    iXDev consultants and Project Managers have direct access to the iX ERP Cloud Business Application implementation team and Core Development team to accelerate customer projects.

    To know more about our services and how we can deliver your digital transformation projects with good performance and accurate budget, please contact us and one of our team will get in contact with you.