iXERP has common general features between its modules which complement other modules, like the core security permissions, which apply C2 security level and auditing feature to satisfy the rules and requirements of the businesses and the governments in more than 26 countries.

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Cloud-Based ERP

iXERP does not need any extra requirements like hardware servers and its costly operating environment, simply it is hosted in our data centre and our professional engineers take care of all technical aspects for iXERP to be available for your business to operate 24×7, it is time for you to focus on your business and we got your back covered, we are your digital partner.

Fast Start

iXERP is easy to use and easy and quick to implement ERP system with no hidden cost and hassle-free, this will give your business a fast start to recognise the benefits of your investment with faster ROI.


iXERP is a multi-user system with full permissions on all modules and features. We offer a Universal user model which make it very easy for your business to set the permissions for every user as required or even switch users role without additional cost. We apply C2 level security and auditing for every user and role.


iXERP supports multi-currency and it is flexible to add many currencies to be used in all ERP modules. Businesses can define local currency as their own base currency and set up the other currencies they use with the daily exchange rate used in their countries based on the local central bank’s rate. iXERP calculates automatically the currency profit and loss based on provided different rates.


Notifications feature is one of iXERP General Features, iXERP provides notifications for critical system factors, like inventory re-order level, overdue customer invoices and overdue suppliers invoices, this allows close follow-up on the critical business factors for business sustainability.


iXERP is a multi-language software, every user can change his own preferred language interface. iXERP supports 3 languages English, French and Arabic and we add more languages in the future.


At iXDev your data security is our priority, as your system login information for your business and employees are your responsibility, meanwhile, your data is safe with us, we apply the highest security measures from physical security to sate of the art security software, encryption and measures.


iXERP can integrate with several systems as per customer requirement, through its rich and secure API. iXERP API gives you access to all modules to get and post data, also it allows programmatically integration with several external software. iXERP can integrate with other applications through data import or export by downloadable ready-made template in upload and download module with standard CSV files.

Documents Storage

iXERP provide integration with any cloud storage to keep all your scanned document secure and under your control, you can attach the document to iXERP screens using it URL or hyperlink, your employees will not be able to access these scanned documents without giving them permission on your cloud storage. Even for more security, Please note our support team does not have access to these files as they don’t have access permission to it.

Extend iXERP Features

iXERP is an extendable business platform as it allows development for new modules and includes it in iXERP workflow, iXDev team is capable to develop new modules to extend iXERP functionality based on customer requirements to suit their industry.