The majority of construction companies all over the globe implemented Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) to effectively manage and use their resources. iXERP for a construction company has two main functionalities – data management and workflow management. Both functionalities are equally important as they help all stakeholders monitor multiple processes and manage data across the company in real-time.

How iXERP can help Construction Sector?

iXERP, unlike the other software, takes less time to implement which make it a perfect choice for the construction sector, this will save time and money with fast ROI.

iXERP helps in proper projects planning

Projects planning is one of the most important five reasons why projects of construction companies succeed. This will lead to activities like effective coordination among clients, suppliers, subcontractors, architects.

iXERP for the Construction sector is able to monitor budgetary funds and expenses, also can provide accurate planning of raw material and its delivery time, cost calculation and in location manufacturing for some items, human resources, and other resources required for the successful project completion.

iXERP helps accurately estimates

A lot of firms provide their services on a contractual basis. Before bidding for a tender, these firms need to provide the estimated cost of the project. As we know, different clients may have quite different needs and specifications, that’s why they choose the best-suited bid according to the proposed quotes, the firm’s reputation, and proposed design.

iXERP for the Construction sector with the project management tools integration is able to secure accurate quotes needed for design, raw materials, human capabilities, and the time to complete the project. Additionally, iXERP systems can determine how much profit or loss a firm may get from a given project.

iXERP helps in subcontractors accounting

Construction companies usually subcontract several items of the project and supervise the subcontractor. considering the size of the construction projects and the number of subcontractors working in the location their management and accounting becomes a hard task.

With iXERP for the construction sector, managers are able to track the work progress from the subcontractor’s tasks delivery, company accountants take less time to pay the subcontractors based on the finished tasks and stocked products in the location, management will have the ability to make a decision based on real data from iXERP, and do lots of other high-value activities.

iXERP ease data sharing between uses and departments

iXERP provides information sharing between users and departments based on several permissions. for example customer instalments, suppliers delivery, accounting and billing department, work progress based on subcontractors delivery and many other useful features and data sharing points.

iXERP help reduce the time of the overall process

iXERP helps construction firms monitor expenditures for materials and human resources, cut costs for technology, eliminate manual processes, and avoid downtime. All these factors affect the success of business and project implementation.

iXERP helps to recognise the balance per project by using projects accounting and can give detailed profit and loss statement for every project.

iXERP accelerate decision making for more accurate project delivery

Prior to making decisions, it’s important for contractors to get a comprehensive view of a given situation. Oftentimes, they don’t have such a possibility to get this view in one centralised place.

iXERP for construction companies, allow managers to incorporate different types of information, process it, and sort it out according to a certain number of criteria.

In conclusion, iXERP helps construction companies to achieve more in Project planning and scheduling, Projects Costing and control projects budget, Inventory and materials control per location, Subcontractors delivery and accounting, material purchase for several projects, accurate accounting and monitoring projects balance, Reports and dashboards for better decision making and many other useful features for construction companies.